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bandu2 : menu_arrow.gif Article: Getting Back to Basics with Body Weight Training - 16/08/2012 09:28

GetFitDaily offers women around the world the latest weight loss tips and women’s exercises. In her latest blog post, Stacy Carlo announces a simple solution for women to nail the basics of fitness. Manhattan Beach, CA (PRWEB) August 14, 2012 is one of the world’s most visited Fitness Tips blogs. Offering daily tips and advice to women, information can be read directly from their blog, or via a daily digest email. Today, Stacy Carlo at GetFitDaily published her latest post, titled “Getting Back to Basics with Body Weight Training” Working More Muscles at Once: Body weight training involves what are known as closed-chain exercises. This can be a  real advantage to you, especially in getting you the most workout in a short time. For the most part, if you are moving your body toward or away from an object, it is a closed chain exercise; if you’re moving something either toward or away from your body, it is an open chain exercise.Closed chain exercises often involve multiple muscles and joints and in turn use more energy to burn fat or increase lean muscle mass.” This is why so much of my workout is based on body weight moves such as push-ups and pull-ups. They may seem old-school, but these moves work your arms, your core and your lats all at once. More workout bang for your effort and your time! Try incorporating more body weight training into your workouts or even creating a ten or fifteen minute workout using just your body as resistance. You may find that you don’t need the gym or all that equipment after all. In her latest blog post, Stacy explains that, when it comes to working out, it is best to always keep things simple. She states that she is a firm believer that getting fit doesn’t have to cost huge sums of money or require the purchase of expensive equipment. “I know that trainers are typically trying to sell fitness gadgets and fitness equipment left and right, but I have to admit that I try to keep things very basic,” she explains. Stacy says that using body-weight resistance is one the best and most basic ways to work out. In fact, a newly published article proves that body weight training is now a hot trend. The article points out that there are many benefits to using one’s own body weight instead of a piece of exercise fitness equipment or the latest App. “Because of individual differences in size and strength, it is difficult to construct strength-training machines to accommodate everyone’s needs and shape, while body weight training is unique to that individual,” the article states. Stacy agrees with what the article has to say. She points out that many of her favourite exercises are push and pull ups, due to the way they work all of the core muscle groups at the same time. “Try incorporating more body weight training into your workouts or even creating a ten or fifteen minute workout using just your body as resistance. You may find that you don’t need the gym or all that equipment after all,” Stacy concludes.

bandu2 : menu_arrow.gif Article: Doll collectors come alive at luncheon - 17/08/2012 07:00

The Northwest Arkansas Heritage Doll Club Luncheon is three weeks away, but Judy Giggey has already picked out her outfit. But it wasn't after some deliberation. Her first thought: go with a classic, the Barbie black-and-white stripe swimsuit. Her second choice: a yellow polka-dot bikini, because she's never worn a one. Then the perfect outfit occurred to her: the figure-hugging red sweater and white mini-skirt of the University of Arkansas cheerleader. "Because I've always wanted to be one," she said. Giggey will be modeling her outfit in the Parade of smurf dolls at the club's Doll Luncheon on Sept. 8 at the Best Western Convention Center. This year's theme: "A Change of A Dress," with the focus on paper dolls. Usually a sell-out, the Doll Luncheon is more than lunch out and a program. People start lining up before the 9:30 registration, Giggey said, to get in and choose their table, then view the displays and demonstrations. They can also vote for their favorite entries in different competitions. This year, the categories include vintage paper doll, and doll and paper doll combination (think Shirley Temple). "Some people just come to see the Hoffman Challenge," Giggey said. The Hoffman Challenge is a traveling collection of handmade dolls that people make from Hoffman fabric and enter in an annual competition. Brenda Magee, who is in charge of this year's display, said the collection will cover two tables. Also on display will be two-dimensional dolls of paper and wood and their wardrobes. "I have a Miss Eureka Springs paper doll," Giggey said. In the "Parade of Live Paper Dolls," the models will walk to the Mills Brothers' hit, "Paper Doll," each holding a two-dimensional dress with white tabs. Giggey said her cheerleader outfit was made by an artist friend out of three pieces of card stock. "I thought of pompoms, but I have to carry the outfit," she said. Giggey and Carolyn Williams gave members a preview of their outfits at the August meeting of the club, and presented ideas for creating an outfit and paper doll hat, the kind with a slit that slides over the doll's head. Collectors come from three states to attend meetings -- Susan Allen drives two hours from Grove, Oklahoma, and Sue Kinkade travels two and half hours from Mansfield, Missouri. Held on the second Wednesday of the month, the meetings start at 10 a.m. , with lunch and an afternoon program. The August meeting was the club's annual birthday party, where they celebrate everyone's birthday member got a handmade cloisonné-type doll pin made by Phyllis Martin. "You have to wear a doll pin to the meeting or you get fined a dollar," said Brenda Magee, who joined the doll club six years ago when she moved back to town. The club is celebrating its 36th birthday, but Magee has ties that go further back. Magee was 23 years old when she first moved to Eureka Springs in 1973 and joined the Eureka Springs Doll Club. She brought the 1973 yearbook of the club, founded in 1970, to last week's meeting, along with some Ozark dolls made by Zoe Harp, club president. Harp's sister, Edna Bergdorf, was also a member and wrote the words of the club song, "Hello, Dolly," to the Broadway tune. Harp made two enormous dolls that sat outside the grocery store she and her husband owned on Main Street. "It was the type of store where you take your list in and she gets the items you want," Magee said. The Northwest Arkansas Heritage Doll Club is nationally known for the souvenir dolls it makes for luncheon attendees. Last year, they made 120 porcelain dolls for each attendee under the direction of Jaki Lang, one of the club's porcelain artists. The dolls were dressed in hand-sewn Christmas caroler outfits. The club donated two caroler dolls to the United Federation of Doll Club to raffle at the national convention. At last Wednesday's club meeting, Williams read a thank-you note from the winner, Pansy Morrow of Searcy, Ark., who included a check for the Sept. 8 luncheon. "She's the first one to buy a ticket," Williams said. The luncheon will features paper dolls designed by Grace Drayton, a turn-of-the century illustrator who created the "Dolly Dimples" and "Pussycat Princess" comics and the popular paper doll of the period, Dolly Dingle, for a woman's magazine. Last year, the luncheon theme was Raggedy Ann and Andy, with members dressing as Raggedy Anns. Kathy McGuire-Bouwman, head of the club's project to support Grandma's House, a safe home for abused children, will have refurbished Cabbage Patch dolls and handmade outfits for sale. McGuire-Bouwman said the NW Arkansas Heritage Doll Club is one of the most vibrant clubs in the area. "They're not just collectors, they're creators," she said of the members, "and we play with our dolls."

bandu2 : menu_arrow.gif Article: Samsung Smart 3D TV review - 20/08/2012 07:26

The ES6800 is part of the Series 6 range, and is an active 3D HDTV with built-in Wi-Fi. It also benefits from Samsung's Smart Hub, which means you can install plenty of apps including iPlayer, Netflix and other on-demand services. We tested the 46in version, but it's also available in 55in, 40in and 32in. Features are identical, all that differs is the screen size. Samsung ES6800: Design and inputs Although its bezel isn't quite as slim as the range-topping ES8000, the ES6800's is still impressively thin. We like the four-prong stand and the chrome-like finish is attractive. The screen swivels on the stand, which could be a useful feature to some, and it's easily wall mounted if you prefer. At just 47mm thick, it's one of the thinner TVs around. Connections are recessed to aid wall mounting, and include 3 HDMI, 3 USB, Ethernet (if you don't want to use Wi-Fi), component and Scart. The latter requires the included adaptor to be installed, as does the CI slot, which clips onto the back panel and increases the depth by a few millimetres. Freeview HD and tv cloud stick are built-in. Samsung ES6800: setupES6800 side Easy-to-understand menus mean it's fairly quick to install the ES6800, scanning for channels and connecting to your Wi-Fi network. The remote has membrane buttons which work better than we expected, and make it easy to clean. The only niggle is that the playback controls are right at the bottom. It's hard to use these one-handed without dropping the remote. The screen has a semi-gloss finish. It reflects a distorted version of what's in front of it, and you'll notice reflections only if you're watching dark scenes or if there's a bright light source behind you, such as a door or window. Samsung ES6800: sound and picture quality As with the ES8000, image quality is excellent. HD images are super-sharp, particularly when watching Blu-ray movies. The Freeview HD channels look great too, but standard definition Freeview shows plenty of compression artefacts and the 46in screen simply magnifies these. Colours are bright and realistic, contrast is good and the backlight was mostly even on our test sample. There was a very minor amount of backlight bleed when dark images are viewed, but nothing that will have you returning the ES6800 to the shop. Motion resolution is very good, but don't overdo the motion smoothing as everything begins to look very unnatural. Two pairs of lightweight 3D glasses are included. Watching our test footage, 3D scene were deep and immersive. There's the inevitable flicker if any windows or lights are in view, but that's a problem with all active shutter 3D TVs. We didn't see much evidence of crosstalk - images were sharp. The down-firing speakers pump out decent volume and quality, although there's little in the way of bass. If you want to connect a separate speaker system, there's an optical S/PDIF output. Samsung ES6800: Smart Hub So-called 'smart' features vary widely between different TVs, but Samsung's is one of the better offerings. It's frustrating to begin with as inevitable updates take a while to install, and you have to choose and install some apps before you can use them. The selection is good, though, and includes BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, Netflix, Lovefilm, Vimeo and Skype. A plethora of other apps are in the Samsung Apps list, and more are sure to be added soon. Samsung ES6800: Media playback The ES6800 can handle a surprisingly wide range of formats, including MKV, AVI, Xvid and MP4. We also had no trouble playing 1080p AVCHD from a camcorder and .TS files from a PVR. It will play the same formats over the network from a NAS as well as a local USB hard disk or flash drive. The media player, which Samsung calls AllShare Play, has a handy 'recently played' section so you can continue watching something without navigating through folders to find it again.